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At university, the gown you wear depends on what level of degree you are getting and under which department. Different fields or departments of universities have different color stripes on the gown. The difference in color is to differentiate among the student and to easily figure out which student is getting a degree of which relevant subject. Since the gown is to wear on Your convocation ceremony just for one day, you don’t need to spend money on buying it, instead gown hire is the best option.  

At Cambridge University, students wear their gowns on graduation ceremony as per their age and the color department has chosen for their representation. BA, MA, undergraduate, and B.E all of the dept have their colors that are represented by the colored stripes of the gown. You may have some queries in your mind regarding your graduation gown hire in Perth, We will answer all. 

Why rent 

Many students have the perception that why not a new one on a special day? The answer is it is simply a waste of money, instead of spending your precious money here go for the arrangement of graduation part it will be more fun. Universities are hiring gowns for centuries for their students because they an economic and ecological solution. Since, you will not forget your ceremony ever and the companies who provide gown to hire will be able to reuse these gowns again.  

Benefits of gown hire 

Without any shadow of a doubt, gown hire is a very wise decision because has a lot of benefits for you and your pocket as well. 

  • You don’t need to do an exhausting search for the color department has decided for you to wear 
  • Hiring a gown is to save your time because you don’t need to take your route to the market 
  • If you hire a gown, you will save more than 70% of your money 
  • The gown you hire will be reused to reduce the environmental impact 
  • Transportation cost will be saved 
  • Cleaning and repackaging of the product is not your headache 

How to take care? 

Once you have made your mind to hire gown from university, this means that you know that this gown will be reuse. It is mandatory to take care of the gowns you hire, although you don’t have to put more efforts in taking care of it because you have to use it only once but still need some. As soon as you receive your gown take it out of the bag immediately then Hang it on a hanger immediately after taking out from the bag. You may need to do some ironing but remember do it at low steam. You don’t need to wash the gown as the product is delivered to you after proper cleaning 

When it will be delivered? 

Your gown is handed over to your school/college/ university representative by the distributers. If you want to know the exact date of when your gown and cap will be delivered to you, consult with your representative.