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In the past nursery night light had not many features but these were just the dim version of the light and were used as an alternative to the night lights. But now a day, these lights have modernized them and the use of increasing technology had added many features in it. Some of these features are actually very helpful for the babies. The number of features in each light vary and according to these feature the price range of the light changes.

First of all, you must consider that how far the kids night lights Australia will be from your baby’s crib. If the light is a plug in and the switch is right besides your baby, then even the nursery night light could be very much bright. In this case, it is preferable to have a portable light that you can move to any place and that you can place at an appropriate distance from your baby.

The next thing is the color of the light. Certain colors could have impact on the sleep routine of your baby. Therefore, you must choose a light with gentle color that gives your baby a peaceful night sleep. Such as the science tells that the color blue helps to keep the brain active and the light red or orange is the best light for the night and it has been proven by the science.

Many nursery night lights have timer in these and it is favorable for many parents since some do not want the light to keep on burning all night. They want that after a certain time most likely when their baby is asleep the nursery night light must turn off. Therefore, the timer saves the parent from manually coming to their baby room to turn off the light when he is asleep and automatically turns off after a certain time. Another alternative to this is the remote control light, which helps them to control the turning off and on from distance and not only this but also helps them control different various modes of the night light.

Another feature that you must keep in mind which is very much important that whether the night light allows you to change the bulb that it has in it. Because in many cases, if the bulb gets burned or fused then there is no way in lights so that you can change them.